I write a variety of posts on Keeping It Fabulous covering a range of subjects from Fashion to Parenting.  Many posts are based either on my own opinions or experiences that I want to share with my readers. Any posts containing information regards health, fitness or topical issues have been written responsibly and involved extensive research and based on the opinions of experts in that field. Any research used in my posts will be credited from its original source.

I write about what works for me, the things I like and what I have learned over the years. I prefer to write without judgement but constructively and do not wish to offend anyone with my thoughts or posts.

I will only feature posts about brands and products I truly love and that are a reflection of my style. I believe in writing passionate and honest content for my readers in a fun and generally light-hearted tone (unless it is a more heavyweight subject that requires a more serious approach).

All images featuring myself are the copyright of KeepingItFabulous. If you would like to use any of the images please credit and link back to my blog.

Thank you.