Autumn is such a special time of year and there are so many things to love about this particular season. While we may lament the end of summer, I think that most people will agree that autumn gives us a lot to look forward to, from the beautiful colours to cosy nights in. Here are five reasons why I love autumn!


There is something wonderful about autumn that always fills my soul with happiness. The gradual shift from the hot, sweaty days of summer, to cooler breezes and bright crisp mornings. The glorious abundance of golden and orange leaves that turn gently on the branches of the trees, much like a slow beautiful sunset. Enjoying the crisp sound of fallen leaves beneath your feet. It’s a season of great natural beauty, with the greens of summer being replaced by oranges, reds, yellows and golds. This makes it a magical time of year and a perfect backdrop for beautiful photos.


Summer by comparison to autumn is a pretty high maintenance season when it comes to our appearance and what we wear. If we’re baring them, then our legs need more regular waxing / shaving. With our bodies more on show, we’re more likely to be getting out the self tan or going for a spray tan too! There’s the sun factor to lather on and the toenails that need painting more often if we’re in sandals too. It’s all just a bit more hard work!

Autumn gives us a bit of a break in that department.  It gives us chance to get back into our boots, cosy jumpers and sweatshirts and pull out our favourite coats and faux fur and enjoy the comfort of layering once more. It feels like autumn brings with it more variety when it comes to our wardrobe choices. We can wear skirts with t-shirts, trainers or boots along with our favourite jumpers. We can throw on a cosy teddy bear jacket or we can hang out in jeans, vest tops and roll necks. There are chunky oversized knits and an opportunity to indulge our love of autumn colours: camel, grey, navy and black being among my favourite. What’s not to love about autumn fashion!


When the days are longer and it’s still warm outside at 7 p.m. it makes you want to be outside a lot more (which is no bad thing) but when it’s hot and sticky too and you’re struggling to get the kids to bed because ‘it’s not night time yet’ it can start to feel less desirable. When autumn rolls around, it brings with it a sense of relief from the heat and bright evenings of summer.

There’s the feeling of walking into a warm welcoming house, with the mood lights aglow, when it’s chilly outside. It’s snuggling up on the sofa with blankets, scented candles and a hot drink. It all feels so relaxing. It’s back to more comfort food too and less of the lettuce leaves (much as I LOVE my rocket salad), I also love mashed potato and gravy in equal measures! You can get into bed earlier too if you want because ‘it’s dark outside’. Cosy nights are definitely up there for reasons to love autumn!



If you’re a parent to school age kids, apart from the mild elation you may feel at having survived six weeks of summer, autumn brings with it two key events for families to love. Halloween and Bonfire Night. I’ve invested fully in the whole Halloween spectacle the last few years in particular.

I’ve gone beyond just trick or treating with the kids and instead, dressed the whole of the downstairs of our house in true ghoulish style. There are fake cobwebs hanging from the ceilings, scary mirrors to look in – and I’m not talking about me without my make up here! There are pumpkins galore, zombie danger zone signs, grave stones (purchased and made of polystyrene – not stolen from the churchyard) and ‘spooky’ lighting, to name but a few things. Oh yes and a really scary box that moves, talks and laughs with sinister intent when you walk past it.

It all feels like a bit of a hassle to begin with. Yet once the decorations start going up and with Michael Jackson’s Thriller on loop in the background, I soon get in the mood. The children arrive home with excited faces and giggles, before getting into their costumes and loading their little faces with far too many Halloween themed jaffa cake bars. Sugar, is after all, an obligatory part of Halloween. It’s the one day, we as parents, can have a guilt free day off and let the little monsters fill their boots. If your kids are grown or you’re yet to have them, then there’s still the grown up parties that happen at Halloween too and an opportunity to really get into the er hmm ‘spirit’ of things.


As if that wasn’t enough excitement, we’ve then got Bonfire night only a few days later! Who doesn’t love a torch parade through the streets of your local town or village, with the streets filled with people in good spirits. Then there’s the bonfire and the amazing fireworks displays to enjoy too. Muddy boots, bobble hats and big coats are all part of the bonfire night uniform, no matter what your age.

Children wave neon flashing light swords precariously in the air whilst wearing glow stick bangles and necklaces. Little ones sit atop the shoulders of many a dad or grandad and you’re never too far away from someone with a sparkler. Bonfire night is one of those nights that is not only a wonderful spectacle, but a night that brings the community together in a wonderful way.



For many, adverts for Christmas seem unpalatable in early Autumn but for those who relish the idea of Christmas, it’s also an opportunity to get organised. For me, the countdown begins the minute the John Lewis advert is released and I start to contemplate the dent that’s about to be made in my bank balance. If I were really organised, I would buy Christmas presents for the children in the sales leading up to the big day. However, their mood on what they love seems ever changing, so it tends to be done in November at the earliest. But hey, we’ve got Black Friday in November for our Christmas deals, so there really are no excuses not to grab some bargains!

While Christmas is officially in winter, autumn actually runs to around the 21st December, so there’s nothing to stop us enjoying the build up throughout the latter part of autumn at the very least. There are the department stores laden with Christmas trees and beautiful decorations. The prospect of an early mulled wine or a spiced latte to enjoy.


There are pantos to book, ice skating to plan for and presents to start buying. For parents with children in primary school there’s also the annual school nativity on the horizon. How adorable do those little munchkins look dressed as farm animals and angels?! It’s a visual feast of pure cuteness!! So much to look forward to in autumn!

I am sure there are many more than five things to love about autumn but these are my top five. Despite the same themes running throughout the season every year, each year also brings something different. New memories and new experiences, which is why I love autumn so much. 🙂

The jacket worn in this post was gifted to me by J D Williams. It’s lightweight and yet warm as well as being waterproof and windproof and is perfect for this time of year.  You can find the coat here: Trespass Clea Jacket


  1. November 20, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    Autumn is my favourite season. The colours are so beautiful. I also love getting stuck into mashed potato at night 🙂

    • admin
      November 20, 2018 / 1:08 pm

      🙂 Thanks for reading! Sorry if the photos didn’t load for you. I’m having a few issues with the images as have moved my site so just getting looked at as we speak! Might have to have some mash and gravy while I wait for it to get fixed!! 🙂 S x

  2. November 26, 2018 / 12:07 am

    I agree. Autumn is so beautiful. And snugly. And a respite from the long, very hot, very humid, hazy days of summer. Actually it’s spring in New Zealand, and I am looking forward to summer. But I do love autumn.

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