Ageing is something that happens to us all but depending on how we live our lives will have an impact on how well we age. Factors such as an unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, sun damage, smoking, stress, pollution and lack of hydration can all age our skin prematurely. So it’s key that we address these areas of our lives if we want to be off to a good start, when it comes to slowing down the ageing process.

As we age our skin changes, our epidermal cells don’t renew as quickly and our skin doesn’t retain as much moisture, in part due to a depletion of Ceramides. Ceramides are naturally found in the skin and comprise 50% of the skins moisture barrier, but as we age levels drop. If you imagine a brick wall, ceramides are effectively the mortar that hold the skins cells (bricks) together. 

Lifestyle stressors can contribute to the reduction of ceramides in our skin and as such our skin’s natural barrier function is compromised, resulting in drier rougher looking skin and more visible wrinkles.

Thankfully Seven Seas, who for over 80 years have been developing formulas which support good health and nutrition, have discovered Ceramosides, a natural source of ceramides which help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 60 days.

As a result, they have developed Perfect7 Renewal Advanced, which is a UK first of its kind beauty supplement to contain Ceramosides. As well as the ceramosides capsule, it also provides a multivitamin and mineral tablet for general well-being and an Omega-3 capsule with DHA to provide additional health benefits.


As someone who has always been fanatical about skincare, I was delighted to be asked to trial Perfect7 Renewal Advanced for 60 days. I have long realised that a two pronged approach when it comes to maintaining beautiful healthy looking skin is a good idea. You need to look after your skin on the outside but also from within.

From a young teenager, I was taught by my Mum, the importance of looking after my skin. From that day to this, I have always maintained a strict routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising – in particular using moisturisers that help reduce the impact of harmful UV rays and pollution.

I try my best to follow a healthy diet and I don’t smoke. However, age, stress and lack of sleep over the years (I have 3 kids, need I say more!) have no doubt taken their toll on my skin and while there are plenty of supplements on the market that are designed to help keeping your skin looking its best, Perfect7 Renewal Advanced is an innovation when it comes to supplementing ceramides from within.

I travelled up to London to an exclusive event to find out more about the supplement trial and also importantly to have a skin tests done with a skin analyst who has spent over 15 years working with cutting edge skin analysis techniques for skin research.

She uses state of the art skin analysing technology which measures the visible elasticity and roughness of your skin. During my session with her, she placed the scanner on my temple and took a reading before my course of supplements began.

Over the following 60 days I took my supplements as part of my evening beauty routine every night before bed and incorporating the supplements into my skincare routine proved to be very easy.

Having taken the supplements every night religiously I eagerly looked forward to seeing the results of my next skin tests. In my next post, I will reveal the results of my first and second tests and whether Perfect7 Renewal Advanced really did work for me… Also, I’ll be sharing the beauty industry’s most sought-after expert and author of book Love Your Skin – Abigail James, Top 5 skincare tips!

Disclaimer: This post in sponsored, but opinions and views as always are 100% my own.

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