The beauty of children

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned, it has been almost 3 months since my last blog post…all hail mary’s please pass my way.  The truth is, life as I know it has become an increasing juggling act of managing my three (wonderful!) children, home and photography business. My newly rebranded business is slowly building and I have had to put almost all my energy into it, keen as I am to make it a brilliant success both for myself and also for my children.

This currently leaves a frustrating lack of time to dedicate to my blog which I still hold so close to my heart. Outstanding blog posts aside (which I still promise to deliver!) I wanted to share some of my most recent photography from my photography blog to let you know that Lollipops and Little Ones has only been sleeping and is not dead as some of you may have assumed! We had a wonderful weekend recently near West Wittering beach and stayed on a beautiful farm in the heart of the countryside.

I couldn’t resist making the most of the stunning scenery around us and getting some memorable images of the children. My daughter wore her new beautiful Sue Hill trinity print dress for the session which she chose as a reward for modelling in Sue’s new special occasion wear shoot which was photographed by myself (images to follow).  I hope you enjoy these images. Nothing like a Spring meadow to make you feel serene 🙂

Little-girl-in-a-yellow-field-in-a-Sue-Hill-dress Contemporary environmental portraiture kent Little-girl-at-sunset-arms-outstretched-in-a-yellow-field-in-a-Sue-Hill-dress1 Environmental portraiture -Kent-and-Sussex-little boy-in-yellow-field- children-walking-in-a-field portrait photography landscape and children photography sussex kent and surrey children-walking-in-a-yellow-field-by-a-tree lifestyle-portraiture-little-boy-sat-by-a-barn door