Welcome to Keeping it Fabulous!

I am Sharron Goodyear, a forty-something photographer, writer and mother to three children.

I began my journey into blogging with Lollipops and Little Ones as a means of documenting my experience through my final pregnancy with my third child Jake. It evolved from there into a lifestyle blog but as it grew I felt the name didn’t fit with the direction I wanted to take it, so I realised that in order to move forward, a rebrand was needed.

Keeping it Fabulous was born out of a desire to create a glossy magazine style blog full of high end beautiful photography and strong writing in the areas of fashion, health and beauty, travel and general lifestyle pieces. It still contains all of my old posts from my previous blog but hopefully you will see the change in style as the new blog grows.

I thought hard about what I wanted to call it so I went with something fun yet powerful. I hope you like it!


The photography in the new fashion posts featuring myself, is by the amazingly talented Barrie Downie, who has experienced his fair share of press coverage recently for his extremely beautiful Chinese pre-wedding portraits. He has also been voted one of the top 10 Winter Wedding Photographers in the UK and in January 2016 was voted an impressive 3rd out of some 20,000 entries for Wedding Photographer of the Year. For more of his work  or to discuss potential commissions, please visit his website: Barrie Downie

I am also an award-winning photographer with awards in the areas of documentary wedding photography, bridal portraiture and classical portraiture. My work has also appeared in a number of bridal magazines and I have worked on Childrenswear campaigns for top designer Sue Hill. For my wedding portfolio please look here: Sharron Goodyear Photographer or for my portrait portfolio please look here: Sharron Goodyear Portraiture where you can contact me about any commissions or projects you want to discuss with me.

We have also recently joined forces to create Beau & Belle London which specialises in high-end wedding photography both in the UK and at destinations across the world.

A Little About Me…

I grew up in Sussex in the UK and despite always being a creative at heart, started my early career in Sales and Marketing. I lived and worked in London during my twenties before settling down in Tunbridge Wells, Kent to start a family. I realised my dream of becoming a photographer back in 2006 when I photographed my first wedding and from there never looked back.

Photography and writing are two of my absolute passions in life which is why this blog  is so important to me. I love life and the wonderful people I am lucky enough to call my close family and friends and have an adventurous spirit. I travelled across America, Australia and Thailand in my twenties, have great white shark dived in South Africa, snowboarded in France, parasailed in Greece and thrown myself out of an aeroplane at 20,000 feet (with a parachute and not because the service was bad)…in Australia.

These days I divide my time between raising my three children, my photography, blogging and where I can travel!  Life is always busy and there feels like there is never enough hours in the day. I am always making plans but do my best to live in the moment…and I love this quote by the Dalai Lama:

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live”.

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