The Greatest Cape

At the weekend we managed to escape to the coast for some gorgeous Winter sunshine in beautiful West Wittering, Chichester, where my partner has lived for years. I love this part of the world with its gorgeous sandy beaches, marinas and fabulous pubs. It’s also a bit of a magnet for celebrities as a place to live and not unusual to find an occasional A-lister dining in one of the country pubs there.

Only last Summer we were enjoying a relaxing Sunday lunch at The Lamb Inn with the children when Kate Winslet walked in with her husband and friends and sat on the table right next to us. My youngest, Jake, made a beeline for her (without any prompting from me!) and started calling her Mummy (which I think perplexed us both) but nonetheless she was very friendly to him as he looked up beaming warmly at her, quite oblivious to her fame as he touched her arm with his little hand whilst she sat quite relaxed…

As most parents appreciate, although we love our children, there is something about a child-free weekend that feels quite the luxury. Having some precious freedom to relax every now and again, without so much as a messy little face to mop up after dinner, a squabble to deal with or endless dishes and washing to wade through is simply bliss!

We arrived mid afternoon and decided to take a gentle walk down to the waterfront to enjoy some of the beautiful light across the harbour as the sun set. As photographers, we call this the ‘golden hour’. It’s the hour before the sun sets on a clear day when the landscape around you is bathed in beautiful soft, golden light. It’s a great time to photograph and I often like to photograph my own clients at this time of day.

After our walk, we warmed up inside and got on with some work (it’s never all play!) before heading to dinner at The Blacksmith Arms which is a gorgeous pub, with great food and if you are lucky you might see Keith Richards propped up at the bar as he was the week before we arrived!

After dinner we went to see the wonderful film ‘Joy’ with Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro. It was recommended to me by a friend, based on a true story about the life of Joy Mangano who invented the Miracle Mop and who went on to create a multi-million dollar empire despite her humble beginnings and almost losing it all. It was incredibly inspiring and only helped to fuel my enthusiasm for my own business.

The one thing I confess I was most looking forward to about the weekend was an undisturbed nights sleep and the possibility of a Sunday morning lay in! My three year old has taken to waking most nights and sneaks in beside me in the middle of the night for comfort and honestly, I am just too tired to worry about it so in he gets.

At least, I thought I’ll get to sleep through tonight…However, the heavens were conspiring against us that night as after what was already a late night, we were woken at 4.3o a.m. by the high pitched beep of the smoke alarm in the room, which had decided that it would pick the rudest time it possibly could to tell us that its battery was running low. As the ceilings are high, neither of us could reach it to switch it off but after a long painful ten minutes of jabbing at it with a boat hook we finally managed to batter it into submission…Unbelievable!!

The next day, the weather felt much colder but we headed into Chichester anyway for a walk round The Cloisters at Chichester Cathedral and some lunch at The Ship Hotel before heading back to see the children.

Two of my favourite investments in 2015 were my beloved capes from Zara and Ted Baker. I love how they can bring elegance to any outfit, whether you are dressing up for the evening or want to add a touch of chic to a simple outfit during the day. The cape has been redefined by the fashion crowd and is a great addition to any girls wardrobe no matter what your shape or size…



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