Why Pink is The New Black in 2017

Pink is not a colour I possess a huge amount of in my wardrobe. It’s not that I don’t like it, in the right shade I really do, but when buying, my preference has always been for the softer shades for my skin tone rather than the stronger pinks.

Along with a resurgence in all things frilly, statement sleeves and velvet, pink it seems, is the new black for 2017, with every shade imaginable hitting the high street stores. Pink has not always been to everyones taste. Some believing it too ‘girly’ or ‘barbie’ like, for women not to be taken seriously  – think perceptions of Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde.. and then remember how wrong they were on that front!  However, fast forward 16 years and pink is taking the fashion world by storm as the new colour to be seen in. Attitudes are changing and no longer is it simply the girly colour of choice and styled in the right way, is considered an appropriate colour to wear to a business meeting.

There is something about pastel pink in particular that I am naturally drawn to, so when I popped into Topshop recently, although I wasn’t on a mission to find an oversized pink jumper, when I saw this one, it jumped out at me! It’s incredibly soft to the touch and super slouchy and most importantly goes perfectly with my gorgeous pale pink trainers from Dune London and pale blue ripped jeans for a casual Spring look. I accessorised with my new rose gold Apple Watch which just happened to come with a rose gold Milanese strap (got completely spoiled on Mother’s Day this year!) and am totally in love with it.

I had a look online and can’t find this exact jumper on the Topshop website (although there are similar ones) but I got mine in my local store in Tunbridge Wells so for those of you looking for the ultimate snuggle jumper then you better look quick before it goes! 🙂


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