Feel Gorgeous this Summer with Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse!


With the weather heating up and a little more skin on show than in the Winter months its time to start the Summer maintenance routine – cue leg wax, fresh toenail polish and deciding on a tanning mousse that makes you look more like you’ve had a week in St Tropez rather than a fake tan disaster of the orange variety…

On special occasions in the past I have opted for a spray tan and after a few orange disasters of my own, was recommended a Sienna X spray tan which I immediately fell in love with due to the fact it leaves you gorgeously golden and much more natural looking.

Keeping spray tans up can be expensive though, so I was delighted to discover that Sienna X do an amazing tanning mousse which is without doubt the best I have ever used and leaves you with a healthy sun-kissed glow. The photo of me above is after one application (I’m normally rather more pasty than shown!) and the colour normally lasts around 4 days before you need a top up so you would probably need to use on average twice a week or if you wanted to go darker then leave less time between applications to build up your colour.

The mousse smells great too and is full of natural ingredients including pomegranate, blackcurrant, Vitamin E and anti-ageing Q10. It is easy to apply and doesn’t leave any sticky residue. You can shower after 4 hours (developing time) as the coloured mousse does leave you looking rather dark (don’t panic though it doesn’t stay that way!). I apply mine before bedtime and allow to develop overnight and wash off in the morning. You will probably want to sleep on a dark sheet and pillowcase if you do this though as it will mark your sheets if they are white although it does wash straight out.

How to Apply Tanning Mousse for Beautiful Streak Free Skin

If you’re not experienced at applying tanning mousse these few pointers should help:

  • Shower in advance of application to wash off any moisturiser, oil and deodorant but ideally not immediately before.
  • Whilst showering use a scrub to buff any dry skin on your body.
  • Do not apply over moisturised skin as it will act as a barrier and will not take properly.
  • Do apply a small amount of moisturiser or body lotion though to areas that are prone to dryness as this will leave darker tell tale signs of faking it! Areas to apply: knuckles and dry areas on the hands, just below the knees, elbows, heel area and ends of toes.
  • Apply using a tanning mitt (very important!) and apply evenly to avoid streaking – not forgetting to check in the mirror for bits you may have missed afterwards.
  • You may need to get someone else to apply to your back. I never manage it myself!

Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse retails at £24.95. This product gets 10 out of 10 from me and the best thing about it is you can achieve an all year round tan without damaging your skin! I picked mine up from Tansational in Tonbridge, Kent, but you can also buy online here: Sienna X

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