How to Help Regulate Hormones – What Worked for Me!

Although my moods are generally quite up, over the years, I have also become tuned to the fact that, like many women, my hormones have played a part in how I feel. I am by nature a positive and upbeat person but there have been days where I have woken feeling pretty flat, more sensitive than usual and a bit irritable. Luckily for me, the symptoms never really lasted longer than a few days and I then went back to feeling my normal self but at the same time I was also keen to take back some control over these swings in my mood.

Lifestyle and daily stresses may well play a big part in how we feel generally in ourselves and my personal belief is that feeling good is not simply about popping a magic pill but also about making sure we look after ourselves generally, get plenty of sleep, have a healthy diet and are active in our daily lives. I know myself, if I am lacking sleep for example, I find it harder to function, lack energy and am more likely to feel emotional. All that said, even if we are following the obvious rules, sometimes as a woman, our hormonal activity will get the better of us. Some women are lucky and don’t suffer at all or only mildly, where others are heavily affected by their monthly cycle and particularly in the premenstrual week, where the decrease in oestrogen depletes your brain of mood-boosting chemicals (according to research I have read).

When this happens we are more likely to feel moody, irritable and negative. The sad thing is, that even though we may even recognise what is happening to us, the moods and the outlook they create as a result feel very real and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between what is the actual truth of our reality and what is the truth according to our hormones!  Not only do we have to deal with the endless cycle of ups and downs from the moment we hit puberty, we then have all the hormonal changes that come as part of the delights of menopause too! Oh the curse of it!

I think it’s safe to say, that none of us want to feel this way.  So, when a friend of mine mentioned that she had been taking a product called Cleanmarine for Women, containing Omega 3 Krill Oil, which had really helped her feel good and from using had noticed a positive shift in her moods throughout the month, I was all for giving it a try!

I have had such a positive experience since taking the krill oil, that I wanted to share it with as many people as possible, in the hope that it will work for them too. I can, of course, only talk for myself and am not a health expert but it really has given me that little extra boost I needed. Below is a short vlog I put together, containing all the key facts about the product which has worked for me and that of my friends.


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