How to Repair Dry, Damaged Hair and Maintain Beautiful Healthy Locks!

Dry damaged hair

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of blog posts in the last few weeks. It has been a busy end to the summer holidays. Life with 3 children at home when the weather is bad can be pretty exhausting! Anyway, with two finally back at school and only a toddler to worry about during the day, I’m finally back on track and getting back to blogging.

During the summer, I noticed the condition of my hair was not it’s normal self. In fact it had gone from being in fairly good condition to being incredibly dry, brittle and lifeless. A combination of sun damage and over using the hair straighteners was probably to blame.

_MG_4054I was desperate to get my hair looking healthy again so turned to my long term hairdresser Ross Norton for help.  Ross is a Tony & Guy trained top stylist with years of experience so he was the perfect person to SOS!

Having followed his advice, in only two weeks my hair was restored back to health. So if your hair has seen better days or you simply want tips on how to maintain healthy hair, here are Ross’s top tips:



woman shampooing hair

1. Towel dry your hair and apply a deep conditioning mask to the mid length and ends and allow hair to dry (ideally in sunshine). If you are short on time, keep in for a minimum of ten minutes.

2. If you are member of a gym or health club try deep conditioning and then sitting in a sauna or steam room. If you have a problem with dry hair, taking a steam can give the hair some much needed moisture.

3. Follow up a 15-20 minute sauna or steam bath with a cool water rinse to rinse off your conditioner. This should help lock in the extra moisture, leaving you with better conditioned hair than when you arrived, whilst also helping create shine.

4. Before drying, spray hair with a natural heat protective spray that is free from sulfates and
Hair protector sprayparabens. Chemicals such as sulfates and parabens can wreak havoc with the condition of your hair. Sulfates can cause dry hair and scalp, fade hair colour and cause hair loss while parabens are loosely thought to be carcinogenic.

5. Apply Moroccan oil from the mid length to the end of your hair before drying. Moroccan oil, often known as Argan Oil, is an amazing treatment as completely transforms and repairs your hair. Its formula transports lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection. It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage.

6. When it comes to drying your hair and styling, ease off on the heat. Avoid drying your hair on the hottest setting where possible and cut back on how often you use the straighteners. Hair straighteners are known to be very damaging on hair if over used so trying limit it to a few days a week. Extending time between washes will also allow your hair’s natural oils to replenish themselves.

7. Finally to help protect your hair against the harmful rays of the sun, consider using a sun protector spray to help your hair and scalp from drying out. Some also include a sun factor to help protect your scalp from burning.

My own tip: One thing I personally tried which seemed to give my hair a good kick start was coconut oil. Simply warm a little in the palm of your hand and apply to the mid length and ends of your hair. But be aware that coconut oil is very greasy and quite heavy so not something you need to use extensively. It worked for me though!

Ross is currently working as a freelance stylist in the Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough area and is available for appointments. For further information you can contact him directly on: 07710 245920.

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