Life changing nutrition courses with NEWtritious Delicious…prepare to be enlightened!

Today, I attended part one of what I can only describe as an incredibly inspiring course, at Botanica wholefood store in Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells with NEWtritious Delicious. The two hour session has already turned all my thinking regards nutrition and healthy eating on its head and had me running to my food cupboard when I arrived home, with gratefully open eyes as to its contents!

 The course covered essential health principles relating to the food we eat and the effects on health and disease are explained. It is not about calorie counting to control weight or avoiding particular food groups, but eating in such a way to increase energy, metabolism and vitality, which can be literally life-changing for you AND your children.

 The course is run by Naomi (Botanica’s owner), Abir (nutritional therapist) and Sophie (medical herbalist). They gave insightful and fascinating presentations on the health benefits of eating the right types of food, whilst also educating us on the damaging effects on the body of eating the wrong types of food (including a few surprises on that front). The food that we sampled on the course was mouth-wateringly delicious, healthy and simple to make and I would challenge anyone not to be impressed!

 Below are a few examples of the food we tasted. As you will see, as well as being incredibly healthy, each dish is naturally rich in colour, making it a feast for the eyes as well as your stomach!


What NEWtritious Delicious say about their courses…


“The full course runs over 3 sessions (we also run a condensed day course on a Saturday). During each session you will have the opportunity to taste 5 courses of delicious food alongside what we promote as health enhancing beverages. We don’t regurgitate “politically correct” nutrition which you hear everywhere and can be misleading. Bridging the gap between food and medicine, we base our courses upon traditional dietary wisdom which is backed up by leading science. We also weave concepts of health and disease through these important health principles to enable you to eat for health and vitality.

The great thing is this type of food tastes the nicest and is beneficial for the entire family. Our motto is Simple, Affordable, Powerful.

During the courses you will gain new insights into healthy eating by tasting delicious food, watching food demonstrations, listening to essential health principles and asking any questions that may arise in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

At the end of each session you will be given a booklet to take away which has the session’s health notes, recipes and resources”.


Naomi, Abir and Sophie are all professionals in their field. They are all mothers who are realistic about time and money but are absolutely convinced about the power of food to safeguard their families.

One other thing in their (or possibly your) favour – they are not chefs! Their food is not complex or difficult.

To find out more about their amazing courses click here: NEWtritious

or visit their Facebook page: NEWtritious Delicious on Facebook

The NEWtritious Delicious team

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