2 down…1 to go! Only 6 days left…

So it’s less than a week to go until baby’s arrival and we’re now looking fairly ship shape.  All that’s left to do is finish packing my bag, give the car a thorough clean and fit the car seat. Well I say that’s all, there’s also all the Christmas shopping to finish and wrap, the tree to get out and decorate and a trip to see Father Christmas to cross off!

I am actually quite looking forward to my two night stay in the new Tunbridge Wells Hospital Pembury (as it’s now known) with its private rooms and flatscreen TV’s. A world away from the old Pembury hospital where I was forced to spend a week in the communal ward after having Joshua with what felt like a hundred crying babies including my own, snoring new mothers (no doubt brought on by their own exhaustion), the early morning and unwelcome interruptions from the cleaners vacuuming around my bed and the constant flow of visitors onto the ward. These inevitably included an influx of over excited toddlers meeting their new siblings who also loved to make as much noise as possible in the ‘play area’ opposite my cubicle while I silently wept into my pillow with the curtains drawn unsociably around me! No wonder I ditched pain relief in favour of a natural birth at Crowborough Birthing Centre for my daughter’s birth…even labour seemed less painful to me than being stuck on a ward again!

 So three children in total and what will be three very different birth experiences. Joshua’s was rather dramatic with an early emergency induction due to him being considered too small and having not grown or gained weight for a number of weeks in the last stages of my pregnancy unexplainably. He seemed tiny when he was born weighing 5lb 2oz. He had to be resuscitated at birth and we were placed in the transitional care unit for one miserable week before finally being discharged. Looking at him now you would never know of his fragile beginning…

My comparatively and delightfully chunky little daughter weighed a healthy 7lb 6oz when she arrived (looking a bit like a squashed tomato!). My labour with Grace was a relative joy compared to my first experience. I had a short labour at home with my parents on hand, while still managing to watch one of my favourite TV shows, eat my dinner and take a bath. Brett made it home from London just in time for us to make the dash to the birthing centre with my Mum in hot pursuit with towels in the car ‘just in case’….Grace was born only twenty eight minutes after our arrival so we literally got there in the nick of time.

This time I am welcoming what I hope will be a much more controlled experience without too many surprises…I’m praying the sonographer was correct in her conclusion that we are having a boy otherwise we’ll have a baby daughter without a chosen name sleeping in a blue nursery with a selection of cute boys clothes to choose from!

Unless I hear otherwise from the hospital to say they’ve had to change the date, it’s funny to think that in only 6 days I will finally get to see the face of this little wriggler in my tummy.  Can’t wait!

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