Bye bye bump….!

 Look how much we’ve grown!

So here we are, my last ever day as a pregnant woman…tomorrow will be the start of a whole new chapter in our lives as we finally get to meet baby.  This time tomorrow I’ll be laying in my hospital bed staring at the face I’ve waited so long to meet. I am full of excitement at the prospect but have some understandable nerves too.  Once we’ve got the birth out the way and I know he is okay and that I’m okay, then I will relax.

My last day with bump has been a busy one.  I rushed to the supermarket to get a few last minute supplies, got the car cleaned and valeted, went to the studio for my final bump shoot, onto the hospital to get my bloods taken, drove to pick Joshua up from school, tidied the house while Brett took the kids swimming, ran to the post office to post a card for my cousin whose birthday is also tomorrow, drove twenty minutes back to the swimming pool because Brett left Joshua’s coat in the changing room..grrrr…and then enjoyed a quick dinner with my parents and Brett here before settling down to write this post! Phew…

This pregnancy has overall been a wonderful one, one that I never thought I’d have and therefore have appreciated all the more. It has been made more special by watching my two children bond with bump and their growing excitement as the time for their little brother’s arrival has grown ever closer.

These are some of my most special memories from my pregnancy:

  • The moment I found out I was expecting…I never thought it would happen so very quickly and I remember the rush of excitement I felt as the digital display blinked a few times before ‘pregnant’ popped on the screen. I couldn’t wait to tell Brett and rushed to the phone to tell him. He laughed in disbelief but was so happy.
  • Telling my parents. My Mum literally squealed with happiness and even jumped up and down on the spot! Another grandchild she had never expected.
  • Telling our children. We decided to wait until we’d had the 12 week scan and knew all was okay before telling them. We sat them on the sofa and broke the happy news. Joshua in particular being older beamed with excitement before throwing his arms around me and asking if he could ‘cuddle the baby’ in my tummy.
  • Telling the world finally! It was such a relief to be able to tell people that I was having a baby so I didn’t have to keep hiding under baggy clothes.  I was over the first trimester and could start to enjoy with freedom my changing shape and embrace it.
  • Feeling the baby start to move. This started to happen at around 15 weeks and was such a wonderful reassuring feeling.
  • The 20 week scan with the children. I knew Joshua wanted a brother so when I found out we were having another boy I was delighted for him. I was the only one who knew in the room as the sonographer whispered it to me. It was lovely seeing my husband’s face too as I told first him and then the children over coffee and muffins.
  • The nightly kisses on my tummy and cuddles from the children as they said their goodnight to baby and their awe at feeling him move. They have already fallen in love with him and although they can’t see him he is already part of their world and their family. Joshua looked up at me one day and said “I know I haven’t met him yet Mummy, but I already love him”.
  • My weekly trips to the studio to photograph bump. I am so happy I did this and it’s been wonderful to document bump’s journey.  The studio has felt like home throughout my pregnancy and have been a constant highlight in my week. Thank you Paul for all your hard work…it’s been so much fun!
  • Sitting with Brett on the sofa with his hand on my tummy feeling the baby move. I remember this experience with him and all my babies vividly. Funny how you never stop feeling amazed.
  • Reigniting my passion for writing and starting this blog. I have loved every minute of it and the stories I have recorded will be nice to look back on in years to come for myself and my children…it’s easy to forget. But this is not the end of the blog, just the end of a chapter in it!

What I won’t miss…!

I won’t miss the early stages of pregnancy! Or the tiredness, the ligament pains, the hormonal ups and downs, the inability to comfortably put my shoes on and the growing lack of outfit choices, the ‘I’ve carried a watermelon’ feeling, the heartburn, the braxton hicks, the pelvic gurdle pains I’ve suffered in the last trimester and particularly in the last two days.

But that said, I’d take them all on again for all the wonderful things this pregnancy has allowed me to experience too. What can I say…it’s been emotional.

Thanks to all of you who have followed my blog so far and my pregnancy. I look forward to introducing baby to you very soon!  For now though…goodnight and wish me luck! x

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