If like me, you spend a lot of your time working from your desk at home, then it’s so important to create a calm and beautiful space for yourself that you will enjoy spending time at! Here are my top three tips for creating a beautiful home office…


Clear Away Clutter

They say a tidy home makes for a tidy mind and this couldn’t be more true for me. My desk didn’t always look like this though! I walked into my office one day and realised I’d gone well ‘desk blind’. I had got so used to sitting at my desk and staring at my screen that I hadn’t quite noticed what a disorganised mess the space around me was becoming. There were piles of paperwork, unread magazines, random bits of rubbish and just a general build up of chaos. Hardly a space to inspire! It was like I’d walked into the room with my eyes open for the first time. Things had to change.

Some several hours later, I had cleared through all my paperwork, got rid of what I didn’t need and filed what I did, cleared up the mess and given my desk a sparkling clean. It looked so much better but still a little bare and uninteresting, so I headed to the shops and returned with my mini haul of desk accessories to turn my desk into my calm and happy space!  However, the trick to keeping it this way is to make sure that no matter what ends up on your desk during the course of the day, you clear it all once you’ve finished work so that it looks great for when you return the following day. So make sure you take any mugs or glasses back to the kitchen, sort your paperwork and leave it looking clear of mess!

Desk from Dwell


Choose A Colour Scheme

Having a colour scheme and/or theme that ties your desk together will not only make your home office look more attractive, it will also make it feel more professional too! I am in love with soft pinks and rose gold at the moment so chose this to give a feminine touch to my workspace. I am also totally in love with my new lamp base from Oliver Bonas which is designed to be used with a large filament bulb. I chose a 9.5 cm wide 40 watt dimmable bulb (XL) which I ordered off Amazon and then plugged it into a dimmer switch so that I could lower the brightness to create more of a cosy candlelight effect when working at night.

I often bring clients to my office to view their images so having a calm welcoming space for them to come and view their photos in is essential. I always light the gorgeous scented candle I bought by Marmalade of London which gives off a wonderful but not overpowering scent when you walk in the room and helps create the right ambience for viewings. I found the rose gold Moderno black ink pen set in WhSmith which complimented my colour scheme and made an elegant change from your average biro!

Journal by WHSmith and iPhone X phone case by Ted Baker.


Create A Space That Will Inspire You!

Creating a space that feels welcoming to sit at helps keep your mind clear and makes you feel more in control, so your creativity can flourish.  I love walking into my office as it is such a bright and lovely environment to work in. I was getting fed up with magazines laying around the office, so bought a magazine rack to hang on the wall to keep them looking tidy. We also invested in a gorgeous grey velvet recliner chair from Homesense and added a splash of colour with a yellow cushion from Habitat making it a cosy place for guests to sit or to curl up with a magazine and a cuppa when you want to escape your screen for ten minutes.

When clients come over to view their images, I often print them out and display them on the picture ledge shelves shown below.  When the clients have seen their images I can replace with family photos which I print out and change periodically and place in white mounts. The images shown in the photograph below are 10 x 7 inch prints in 14 x 11 inch mounts.

It goes without saying that I love to listen to music while working but if my partner and I want to listen to something different or I’m editing a film then my Beats Solo headphones come in really handy and as they are a wireless there are a no annoying wires trailing around your desk while you’re trying to work. A quick tip though, when I first got them they pinched my ears a bit so I stretched them by placing two books in-between them for a while and that seems to have done the trick of making them a little less tight and more comfortable to wear.

So if you can make your office space a calm, clutter free and enjoyable place to be, it can only contribute towards your positive wellbeing at work. We get so used to walking into a space, without really looking at it. Sometimes it does us good to walk in and really look at it. Work out if it’s a space you love or whether it needs a makeover.  Even if it’s just a case of attacking that clutter, think how much better you’ll feel once it’s looking fresh again!



  1. June 25, 2018 / 6:16 am

    This is so inspiring! You should see my desk! tempted to have a good clear up now! Where’s the desk from? Love it.
    Laurie xx

    • admin
      June 25, 2018 / 6:04 pm

      Hey Laurie! Thanks so much and good point – will add to the blog post but the desk is from Dwell! Good luck with the clear up – you will feel so much better for it! 🙂 xx

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