Small nursery ideas…the before and the after


Planning the Nursery…

So the nursery is finally ready for the little man’s appearance.  It has been really good fun decorating the baby’s bedroom and I spent a reasonable amount of time thinking carefully about how I wanted it to look and researching nursery products online. The only thing left to do is order a cot top changer for changing the baby on. Better get a wriggle on then..!


Pinterest is a great website for collating all your ideas online and a virtual pinboard. It allows you to organise and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse boards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. People use boards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and share their favorite recipes.

I effectively created a mood board of how I wanted the nursery to look and any great products that I found I ‘pinned’ to my board. Many websites and blogs now have the ‘pin it’ option although you may often find it under a button called ‘Share’ where it gives you a selection of social media categories to choose from.

Choosing a theme

You may decide that you want to create a theme for your nursery. This is great if you already know the sex of your baby but if you are waiting for a surprise then you will probably want to go for a more neutral but fun theme instead.

As I knew we were having a boy I opted for a traditional blue and white colour scheme with a splash of red to brighten it up. I decided to choose items that would grow with baby and not look out of place in a young boys bedroom. These included cot quilt and pillow, bunting, Twinkle Town bus night light, storage tub and light switch cover. After all, it can get quite expensive decorating a nursery so the longer you can make use of the things you have invested in the better!

Try googling ‘nursery themes’ for some inspiration and have a look at the images that come up. There are some fab ideas out there and some really wacky ones too for those brave enough to go for them!

Working with a small space

As our nursery is a fairly small room we had to plan carefully around the space as still wanted it to look and feel light and airy without too much clutter.

  • I have found that when space is limited, going with white furniture and pastel coloured walls makes a huge difference to the way a room looks and feels as it maximises and bounces the light as well as looking cool and contemporary. If you’re worried about it looking ‘cold’ you can always warm it up with your room accessories in order to inject some colour.
  • We opted for a cot as opposed to a cotbed this time round which has proved to be a great space saver. However, we did this as my three year old daughter is in a white toddler bed that we will be able to pass onto baby when he is old enough and Grace is ready for a bigger bed. You may prefer to go with a cotbed so that you can convert it when the time is right in order to save on cost.
  • For extra storage, I invested in an under-cot storage drawer – great for bedding and blankets. The space under you cot/cotbed is effectively dead space so it’s worthwhile thinking about how you can utilise it. Remember though to check the height and width available before making your purchase as sizes can vary.
  • A cot top changer is another great space saving option as opposed to trying to squeeze in a stand alone unit. While baby sleeps in your room in its moses basket or crib, you can leave the changer up on top of the cot for nappy changes and dressing.
  • I was delighted when I found the small white rocking chair in Dwell which is perfect for the nursery. I have never had the luxury of one previously as could only ever find the big rockers that took up far too much space for what we had to work with.  If using a rocker or chair, try placing it at an angle rather than straight on for a less formal look.
  • You may want to consider putting shelves or corner shelves up in the room if you are struggling for floor space. These are great for placing pictures or books on, although I wouldn’t advise putting them directly above the cot in case something falls off.
  • Invest in a good sized storage tub or toy box if you have room for it. These are great for tidying away toys and keeping your room clutter free!
  • If you’re working with a tight budget try looking at eBay for some real bargains. I got my nearly new curtain tiebacks for £3.50 as opposed to the £25.00 it would have cost me if I had gone to Mamas & Papas direct! Bigger items such as furniture are normally for collection in person but still most definitely work a look and could save you a fortune.

Below are some images of the accessories I chose for the baby’s room. Click on the title for a direct link to the retailers websites.  Whether you’re having a girl/boy or a surprise(!) they are worth checking out as all have a great range of room ideas to suit you!

The Little White Company

Babies r Us

Great Little Trading Company

Jojo Maman Bebe

John Lewis






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