Rum & Raisin Chocolate Dessert Cups

Happy Easter!

Easter is here once again and according to statistics around 80 million Easter eggs are sold annually in the UK. That’s ALOT of chocolate!

So, if like me you are currently planning your Easter egg hunts and fun activities for the children over the extended weekend break but also fancy a little something special for the grown ups, then these rum and raisin chocolate dessert cups could be just the thing!

Of course if you don’t like rum and raisin chocolate you can just use plain as either way, this dessert is incredibly decadent and also perfect for impressing your guests around the dinner table…

If however, you want to try an all together different treat then try my Chocolate Orange Hemp Seed Truffles – a fantastic high protein and healthy alternative that the kids will also love. They are also fun to make!

The Recipe (Serves 4)

6 oz. rum and raisin or plain chocolate

1/2 oz. butter

3 eggs

1 tablespoon rum (optional)

1 tablespoon of coffee essence (I used 1 tablespoon of undiluted Nespresson Lungo coffee instead)

1 tablespoon amaretto (optional)

Chocolate curls for decorating

Preparation time:

15 minutes

Cooking time:

5 minutes

How To Make

Put the chocolate and butter in a bowl placed over a pan of hot, not boiling water. Leave to dissolve, stirring constantly.

When the chocolate is completely melted remove it from the heat and beat in the egg yolks, rum and amaretto if used, and coffee essence or lungo coffee. Whisk the egg whites stiffly then fold them into the mixture. Pour into 4 small cups and leave in a cool place until set.

Just before serving top each with a few grated chocolate curls from the remainder of the rum and raisin or plain chocolate. Serve with a tiny teaspoon and an amaretto biscuit and enjoy.

Seriously delicious!!


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