Transform a Room with a Gorgeous Wall Mural…!

Last year, we moved into our new house and over the last eight months have been busy doing some much needed decorating including completely revamping the children’s bedrooms.

Initially I had planned to create a feature wall in Grace’s bedroom with wallpaper but it was then that I got chatting to local artist and mural painter Louise Sabine Dean and I quickly changed my mind in favour of something original and unique designed especially for Grace! I had a look at Louise’s portfolio online and loved her signature look. The simplicity yet elegance and tranquility of her designs really appealed to me.

Before Louise painted the mural, she came over for a consultation with me to discuss design ideas and colours we thought would work. Being a fairly typical little girl, Grace loves all things pink and girly and so I wanted something that reflected that. Louise had some great ideas and we spent about an hour over a cuppa going through everything and then booked a suitable date and time for her to bring those ideas to life!

The mural itself took about two and half days to complete and I was fascinated to watch it all come together. Once the main body of the tree had been mapped out, Louise began working on the detail that made the mural feel so special. From the little girl swinging in the tree blowing out a dandelion clock (a representation of Grace) to the delicate petals of the blossom, leaves, birds and butterflies, there was something wonderfully magical about it. What really brought the mural to life though was the fabulous paint Louise used on these details causing them to catch the light and shimmer as you walk in the room. So simple yet so beautiful and something you would struggle to replicate in a wall sticker.

I absolutely love the mural Louise created for Grace and most importantly, so does Grace! But the murals aren’t just for children. Louise has painted some stunning designs for a range of rooms in the home, from the master bedroom, to the sitting room. Where there’s a wall, there’s an opportunity to create a piece of wall art that will definitely be a talking point with your guests!

 About Louise

Louise has a BA Hons in Art and Design and is based in a village near Tunbridge Wells with her family.  She has travelled widely throughout her life including a childhood in the Caribbean…She feels this has helped contribute towards her creativity and imagination and is reflected in the creation of her unique designs.

A Word From The Artist 

“Mural painting is a wonderful way to decorate as there are no restrictions as to where you paint, ie; over the ceiling, around the window, curling around a bannister, the only limit is your imagination.

I initially became inspired to become a mural painter after an outpouring of creativity when my daughter was a baby and I painted animals all over her nursery. As an artist with a passion for everything to do with interiors, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment and thought that this was the perfect way to combine my two passions.

In recent years I have been developing my work and believe that I can offer a unique decorative service with great attention to detail and professionalism (and fun!). In collaboration with clients, I can bring life to blank wall spaces. Whether it’s a room in your home, or a dull space in your business, together we can create something wonderful and personal to you.”

For more information on the services Louise provides click here: The Creative Decorator

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