We have moved! Goodbye Tunbridge Wells…Hello Crowborough!

Sorry for the lack of posts this last two weeks but we have been full on into trying to make our new home habitable (not the easiest job when you have three children to look after and the normal daily routine to attend to!).

The move itself was chaotic to say the least with the removals firm underestimating just how much stuff we had it would seem. As a result we didn’t leave our old house till 3.30 p.m. and poor Brett and my Dad were left to clean the property around the new owner as she gathered with her friends drinking champagne in the lounge! We are slowly wading through boxes though and I took my new bedroom head on today and am pleased to say that I finally have a little order in that room for now (although still living with a hanging rail and a need for decorating and curtains but apart from that it’s looking great!).

Poor Jake’s room is the worst. His room is just his cot and a feeding chair right now, surrounded by too many boxes. Brett is just building him a chest of drawers as we speak so at least I have somewhere to put his clothes which are currently scattered across the house.

Living here is just wonderful though. It is like a sanctuary and I feel so happy to be here. The children can finally be children without me worrying about disturbing the neighbours every time they squeak. They sleep really well here too. The garden is in itself an adventure and they have already found a birds nest in the laurel hedge and spent the afternoon picnicking on the lawn and then gathering buckets of daisies before Brett cut the grass.

He came home from the hardware store with a puffed chest at his new purchase – a petrol lawnmower!! He then proceeded to use it to create perfect lines down the lawn whilst Joshua and Grace followed in single file behind him with their own little toy mowers. It was very amusing.

Tomorrow Dad is over and we start the decorating! Dad’s tackling the playroom and I’m doing the downstairs cloakroom. It seems silly to get excited about decorating a loo but I’m making it my own little personal project and after brainstorming ideas with Mum, have it all figured out. I will be taking some before and after pictures as time goes on to keep you posted!

All this going on and then had my first wedding last weekend. It was fun to be back doing what I love after my maternity break with Jake. I have another in two weeks so it’s turning into a busy time.

So I have been thinking, as I may not be able to personally blog as much over the next month or so, if there is anybody out there who would be interested in becoming a guest writer then let me know! I already have a couple of ladies queued up but am always open to hearing ideas as long as it’s in keeping with the blog!

Feel free to contact me if you have something to say.

Be back soon!

S 🙂

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