Learning to Fly Solo and Photography Business Rebrand

Hi everyone,

If you are a regular reader of the blog you will probably realise why things have been so quiet on the posting front in the last few months as four months ago marked the end of my ten year marriage….I am still coming to terms with everything whilst at the same time trying to provide a consistent, secure and loving environment for my three beautiful children who are my complete world and who have been my anchor and strength throughout this difficult time (even though they don’t realise it).

When you have been with someone for so long, it can be hard to adjust to them not being around anymore, no matter what your relationship was like. It is also hard to believe that you can experience happiness and sadness all rolled into one. Happy that you have fresh opportunities and dreams to follow but sad at the loss and breakdown of a relationship. It brings with it a confusing set of emotions, grief, hurt, sadness on the one hand but on the other, happiness, hope and an inner strength you didn’t know you had until you needed it. Like the saying ‘You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have’.

These situations often make you stand back and take a long hard look at your life, your life as it was and now, your life as it is. When I was able to make my way through the fog of the early days I realised one important and precious thing…I still have my health and I still have my children’s health. I haven’t just been told I have three months to live, or that my child is terminally ill. I have choices and I have the ability to make my life a success, full of love, creativity and positivity. So with this in mind, I have opened my eyes to all the possibilities that are out there for me and have been working very hard and long hours behind the scenes reinventing my photography business. I now have a brand new website which is work in progress but is now officially live and which you can view here: Sharron Goodyear Photographer

I have also put together lots of new marketing literature, have a business plan in place and have had some amazing help from a dear friend and mentor who is also a very successful photographer. I feel ready for success this year and I am hopeful that the business will really take off. I entered my portrait of Grace (shown below) into the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) print competition in December and was overwhelmed with happiness and pride to get a merit and down to the final 12 in my category out of hundreds of entries. My portrait appeared on the wall in an exhibition at The Hilton Metropole in London alongside some hugely talented photographers. It felt like the first step towards success for 2015.

I have also been made a proud brand ambassdor for an amazing photography products and packaging company called Photoflashdrive.com – the premier online shopping destination for custom flash drives, hard drives and beautiful packaging. I received these stunning walnut keepsake boxes and USB drives with my new branding on just before Christmas and was absolutely thrilled with the quality of them and can’t wait to pass them onto my clients.

Last weekend I attended the SWPP photography convention and spent a day working on the exhibition stand for Photo Flash Drive. There was a real buzz around them and everyone was loving the products so it seems I have become part of what is a fabulous enterprise.

So in a nutshell, although there is still a long way to go I am daring to feel pretty positive and excited about the future and the year ahead. I see each day now as an opportunity or an opportunity missed and am embracing living in the moment and seeing what life has in store.

Although I may find it hard to write as often I am still very passionate about the blog and still owe you all some blog posts promised at the end of last year which have not been forgotten about! Thanks for bearing with me to those that do take the time to read my posts and if you would be interested in helping me keep the blog up with some writing yourself then please do get in touch! Alternatively if you would like to discuss your wedding or portrait requirements with me you can get in touch with me via my photography website: Sharron Goodyear Photographer

Back soon!

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