Valentine’s Day Boudoir and Beauty Offer

Hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is only one short month away! As an award winning boudoir photographer, I have been fortunate enough to photograph some wonderful and very real women.

Many of the women that I have photographed for a boudoir or beauty session are often mothers like myself looking for a little time to themselves. Think of it a little like a mini spa! You get pampered and there is always a glass of prosecco on hand for when you arrive! The shoots are always fun, informal and relaxed.

When I started my journey into the world of boudoir, I quickly developed a clear vision of the type of images I wanted to create for my clients. I wanted to create editorial, fashion inspired portraits that embraced their womanhood and made them feel empowered. The emphasis is very much on beauty with a timeless and stylish look. I focus on finding beauty that is unique to each of the women I photograph and then I portray it through the lens in a way that she has perhaps never seen herself before.

There has been a rise in bridal boudoir too, with bridal boudoir albums also becoming a popular gift idea for brides-to-be for their fiancés. It has been wonderful to get feedback from  women whose husbands-to-be were literally floored by the beauty of the images they saw and also felt reassured that it was a female photographer that took them!

In celebration of Valentine’s Day this year, I have launched #BeABombshell –  a fantastic boudoir or beauty offer that can give you the opportunity to have one of these wonderful shoots. Many women feel nervous at the idea of a boudoir shoot but when they have visited the studio, they always leave feeling amazing! I am literally there to hold your hand. I have even done a boudoir shoot myself because I wanted to know how it felt to experience one. As a female photographer, I am able to relax my clients in order to get the best from them, with lots of direction and fun along the way.

However, if boudoir is just not your thing then I also offer a beauty session, where you will get the opportunity to dress up like a movie star and be photographed in a way that will literally make you feel a million dollars!

For more information, please click the link above or visit my website: Fabulous by Sharron Goodyear


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