Hurray for animal print! Leopard print in particular has survived many decades and has been worn by stylish women the world over.

However not unlike the Burberry brand being tarnished due to the popularity of its trademark check with so called ‘chavs’ in the early noughties, leopard print to anyone over the age of 35 will likely conjure up images of one woman: Bet Lynch.

To those who have never heard of her, Bet Lynch was the iconic bee-hive blonde-haired, heavy makeup and leopard print wearing barmaid and landlady from Coronation Street, whose brassy endorsement of the fashion sullied the leopard print look for many.

Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since the Bet Lynch days and with style queens such as Kate Moss and Alexa Chung seen wearing it with effortless cool, along with countless other celebrities and fashionistas, it seems animal print is taking the world by storm this autumn.

The high street is a virtual sea of the look right now and it’s not just limited to clothing either. Whether it be shoes, boots, bags, belts, scarves or hair accessories, it seems animal print is inescapable and is no longer considered trashy but sophisticated and stylish.

The ‘Naomi’ skirt by Réalisation became the most viral clothing piece of the year with fashion bloggers the world over being seen in it and Zara has literally gone ‘wild’ for the animal print look with pieces selling out week in week out.

The obvious danger of the upsurge in sales of such a distinctive pattern is that we’re all wearing it. However, with the push to make it a fashion perennial for women of all ages, it may well become as much a wardrobe staple as our denim, biker jackets or classic white shirts.

While I look forward to the cooler months just so I can get snuggly in my leopard print faux fur coat, it was the Victoria Beckham belted leopard print chenille jacquard trench coat that she showcased at New York Fashion Week that got everyone talking this year.

Worn with a black high necked top, black trousers and patent black shoes, it looked both contemporary and cool with a 60’s twist and sealed its place as every IT girl’s new obsession.

Desirable as the coat maybe, not many of us, I imagine, could afford the £2.6k price tag that goes with such a luxurious designer piece but that’s not to say we can’t enjoy one of this season’s hottest trends! Below are some of my favourite high street buys.


Leopard print dress by Zara: £39.99

Snake Pleated Pinafore Dress by Topshop: £65.00

Leopard print shirt by Zara: £19.99

Leopard faux fur coat by Mango: £99.99

Marella Gino leopard print jumper by John Lewis: £185.00

Leopard print trainers by Air & Grace: £179.00

Animal print jacquard skirt by Mint Velvet: £79.00

Poppy leopard print camera bag by Mint Velvet: £109.00

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