Eight months ago, I began a collaboration with Smilelign to chart the progress of my teeth straightening using their invisible braces, which I shared in a previous post. I have wanted to have my teeth straightened for a while now as over the years, despite having had braces as a teenager, my teeth had moved and over crowded, likely caused by my wisdom teeth coming through. Whilst I wasn’t overly self conscious about my smile, I knew that it could be greatly improved with the right treatment.

The beauty of the Smilelign treatment is that the aligners are clear, meaning unless people look closely, it’s hardly noticeable that you’re wearing them. Despite also being removable, it is highly recommended you keep them in at all times apart from to clean them when you clean your teeth or when you’re eating. There have been a few occasions where I have removed them for a few hours when I’ve been out for dinner. However, generally I’ve been pretty strict with myself about keeping them in around the clock, in order to get the maximum benefit.


The first month of treatment was definitely the hardest as the braces were particularly tight and difficult to remove. Luckily, this only lasted a few days and after that they became easy to remove by hand, with a new brace being fitted every 3 weeks.  The plan for my treatment was to widen my smile, as well as straightening it. My teeth have been slowly pulled outwards to correct the narrow arch, meaning that more teeth are visible upon smiling.

The first noticeable correction was to that of my left lateral incisor, which was twisted slightly and sticking out. This moved into the correct position almost straight away after the first brace. My bottom front teeth also straightened very quickly. From there, the changes seemed subtle for some time, as it was difficult to notice the gradual widening of the smile.

My treatment was broken up into two halves. After I’d finished brace number 5, my moulds were taken again and a new set of braces were produced for the second phase of treatment. This is to make sure the teeth are on the right track and so any corrections can be made to the new braces should it be necessary. During this appointment, my teeth were also filed slightly in-between, to create more space and my left central incisor, which had a very small chip, was also filed to smooth it out (with further correction to follow at the end of the treatment).

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed some gaps appearing in-between my teeth, most noticeably between my front teeth. This is apparently perfectly normal and is part of the widening process to get the teeth into the position they need to be in. Once they have had room to move, the final phase of the treatment will be to push them back together to close the gaps up.

My Teeth Before Treatment

8 Months into Treatment


Once my treatment is over, I will then need either a retainer to wear at night, or preferably, a wire will be fitted behind my teeth to keep them in position. Without either of these options, my teeth will apparently move back to their old positions again, which I definitely do not want to happen!

I am still looking forward to seeing my teeth straighten further as my top right lateral incisor (next to my right front tooth) is still set back and the arch still appears narrower on that side. However,  I’ve been assured that this correction will happen and that when my treatment ends in the next 5 to 6 months, it will look just as I’d hoped. Once the treatment has finished, my teeth will also be whitened. Any minor cosmetic flaws will be corrected and the cement that you can see on my teeth below (used to help create friction against the brace) will be removed!

I am so pleased with how things are progressing and comparing these two photographs above, can see just how much my teeth have already improved since beginning my treatment. I will give a final update at the end of my journey with Smilelign towards the summer so we can see how far I’ve come and what my final thoughts are about my experience!


  1. January 14, 2019 / 7:49 pm

    Thank you for this post Sharron. I enquired about Invisalign before Christmas and after doing some more research over the last month or so I think I will have it done. It is quite costly though.
    I am aiming to set the appointment up at the end of February as I have a lot of work before then. Your teeth look great, so you have inspired me. Fab photographs(as always) by the way I’m a novice and have so much to learn – but I’m really enjoying it.
    Alison xx

    • admin
      January 18, 2019 / 6:43 am

      Oh wow! So pleased you find the post useful Alison! I was so surprised myself when I put the two photographs side by side to see just how much my teeth had changed! I figured though if I’m going to have these teeth for hopefully another 40 years or so then it was worth doing it! Would love for you to document your own journey so I can see how you got on! Good luck with it! S xx

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