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The summer holidays are finally upon us (hurray!) but now is also the time to start planning ahead for September classes if you are the owner of a baby or child of preschool age. With so many different types of classes for preschoolers out there, making a decision on what to choose is not always as easy as it seems!

However, one thing guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face is a Jo Jingles music class. Jo Jingles is the leading music, singing and movement experience in more than 700 centres in the UK, Ireland and now Australia! It holds classes for babies and preschool children up to 5 years and also holds parties too. However, before we talk about Jo Jingles, why should you choose a music class for your little one in the first place?

The Power of Music

Whether it be singing, dancing, playing an instrument or simply listening to our favourite tunes, there is no doubt that music has always been a part of us. In every culture, across every country on earth, you will find music. Music has the ability to make us jump up and break into spontaneous dance, it can calm us, unite us (and divide us!) it can make us emotional, make us happy, make us remember that moment, or…it can make us feel understood.  Before babies are even born they can learn music. Research has shown that babies played music whilst still in the womb, remembered the tune months later whilst out in the big wide world and has also been known to calm a crying baby when played.

According to the BabyCenter website, toddlers and preschoolers have a lot to gain from listening to music. It’s fun for one thing and it also encourages movement which is important for young children who are perfecting their motor skills.  “Kids learn through movement” says Rosalie Pratt a professor of music medicine at Brigham Young University, USA “When you see them at play, they’re not talking, they’re moving. This is how they pick things up”.

My Experience of Jo Jingles

I decided to take Jake to the Tunbridge Wells Jo Jingles class held in a lovely bright room at the Pure Fun Factory play centre. He has always loved music and so thought it the perfect class to take him to. The class is run by Juliet who is just brilliant and being an experienced mother herself, knows just how to get the most out of the children during the 45 minute session. Although a little clingy at the beginning of the first class, Jake soon got into the swing of things and was happily dancing, playing musical instruments and chasing bubbles before we knew it.

It has been so lovely to watch him grow in confidence, interact with the other children and laugh along to the fun and simple music and singing. It’s a lovely bonding experience to share with your child and the classes seem to go by very quickly which is a sign I’m having lots of fun too!

The great thing about this particular class is that being at a play centre means you can stay and play after the class (for half the normal price) if you choose. You can grab a coffee and a light bite while your little one has fun playing. Perfect!

Whether it be Tunbridge Wells or anywhere else in the country, all Jo Jingles classes provide fun and education designed to stimulate young minds and teach children to:

♫ To play percussion instruments expressively
♫ To sing songs
♫ To hold a tune
♫ To find the rhythm to move and dance to
♫ To make new friends

You can find the nearest Jo Jingles class to you by clicking here: Find A Class 

Or if you live in the Tunbridge Wells area and want to check out one of Juliet’s fantastic classes then click here for all her details: Juliet’s Classes

Juliet is currently taking bookings for September so remember to sign up now before she gets booked up!

Below are some images taken by Goodyear Photography (me!) of the classes that Juliet runs:

Royal Vale Methodist Church Class, Tunbridge Wells




 Pure Fun Factory Class, Tunbridge Wells


A further peek at Jo Jingles!


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