Loom bands – the new kids craze and how to make them!

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The world has gone crazy it seems for little brightly coloured rubber bands! The loom band craze has literally swept the nation and it seems kids and adults alike can’t get enough of them. In case you’re not quite up to speed yet (or the owner of a child between the age of 4 and 12!), loom bands are colourful rubber bands that are woven into bracelets, necklaces or even small toys using a rainbow loom (the plastic peg board shown below).
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The rainbow loom was invented in 2011 by Cheong Choon Ng from Michigan, USA. He conceived the idea of the toy loom after watching his young daughters make rubber band jewellery. After creating a website with instructional demonstrations on how to use the loom featuring his daughters and niece in 2012, the product was picked up by a speciality craft chain franchise Learning Express Toys who ordered the kits for their stores. By summer of 2013 making loom band bracelets had already become a popular past time in summer camps in the USA where children would make and swap the rubber band bracelets in the same way as they would  friendship bracelets.

The craze quickly made its way across the pond to the UK where playgrounds across the country are now awash with a colourful sea of loom band creations and where children can be found huddled in groups making and swapping their numerous designs. Mums everywhere are no doubt delighted that such a simple and cheap craft can provide literally hours of fun and quite often it’s the Mums themselves who are are joining in the fun. Having made a few ‘fishtail’ bracelets for my own daughter, I found myself hopping onto Amazon immediately afterwards to buy her a bumper kit for a mere £11.50! There is something strangely addictive about playing with loom bands…

Children aren’t the only ones to be seen sporting the colourful rainbow bracelets. Even the royals and celebrities are wearing them! The Duchess of Cambridge, David Beckham and Harry Styles are just a few of the famous faces all spotted with loom bands on their wrists, helping catapult loom band sales to a new all time high. All 20 of the best-selling toys on Amazon UK are either looms or loom related.


But it’s not just jewellery you can make with the little coloured bands. It seems we’ve now moved onto clothing too! I joked with a friend I was going to make a loom band bikini the other day but guess what – it’s already been done and being sold on eBay as we speak!


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There’s also the loom band suit as worn by American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, not to mention the loom band dress made by a twelve year old girl which has just sold for £170k on eBay (although whether the bidder will pay is another matter!).

loom band dress

However, if rubber band clothing just isn’t your thing but you’re tempted to dive into the world of loom bands or take your loom band creations to the next level, then you should definitely check out this fabulous website ‘Loom Love‘. Loom Love is a brilliant and colourful site full of rainbow loom tutorials that as they say ‘rock’ and will be sure to keep you and your children busy for hours on end! Summer holidays and rainy days sorted!

Happy looming peeps!





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