Nordgreen are a feel good watch company that combine Scandinavian design with sustainability. Not only do they produce beautiful watches, with each watch you purchase, you have the unique ability to donate part of that purchase to one of three great causes. As Danes, they wanted to create watches that reflected their values of simplicity and balance and the love of their city of Copenhagen (renowned as the happiest city in the world). After nearly a year of intensive collaboration, they designed a line of watches for both men and women, that did just that. They are the Philosopher, the Native and the Infinity. Each watch has been designed with a unique sentiment behind it. I chose the Philosopher as fell in love with its elegance along with what it stood for: to celebrate our ability to think differently; learn from the past, act now and create a better future.


This is a gifted collaboration with Nordgreen Watches. Images taken at Antelope X Slot Canyon, Arizona.


Life is a gift and to live with gratitude

It’s easy when you’re younger to take things for granted. Your health, your freedom, your life in general. However, as I’ve gotten older and grown in wisdom, I’ve learned to live life with more gratitude for the things I have. My family, my home, my health and mental wellbeing are things I no longer just expect. I appreciate them more and whilst having aspirations are important to me, I still value what I have right now.

That not everybody thinks like you or has the same values

As the years have passed, I have come to appreciate more, that not everyone thinks the same. People’s ideas, beliefs and values will differ depending on their upbringing, where they are from and the influences they have had. As I have matured in life, I try harder not to measure everybody by my own values as much and to respect that they may have a different point of view and that’s ok.

Not to give up on dreams

In my last post I wrote why we must not give up on our dreams and for me this is so important. Having a dream or aspiration helps fuel our drive, determination and passion in life. It gives us purpose and hopefully direction. Even if we lose our direction for a while, if we have an idea of what we want in life, we are much more likely to get back on the right path, than if we have no dreams at all. However, if you don’t have dreams but are very content with your lot, then that’s okay too. It just means you’re probably already living your dream!

To be more accepting of change

While some people embrace change, others will run for the hills. Change can be very unsettling in life and sometimes it can feel unwanted, even if it’s actually good for us in the long run. However, change is an inevitable part of life and if we can’t control change then we have to run with it. I have learned from past experience that if change is going to happen, even if I wasn’t expecting it, then I have to keep a positive mindset. Resisting uncontrollable change is bad for the soul. Fear of change is really just fear of the unknown and actually some amazing things could happen if you just open your mind to the idea!

To value success over money

There are so many different definitions of success and while many of us may consider being rich or comfortably off as being successful, this doesn’t always translate. There are plenty of people who have money that aren’t happy and there are many people who consider themselves successful, who don’t have much money! Being successful in life can mean having loving and meaningful relationships with your family and friends, turning up on time, feeling fulfilled in life even if you don’t have a big house and three holidays a year. It comes back to gratitude and to setting your own bar on what success means to you. Think about what you have achieved so far, rather than what you haven’t.

To be kinder to myself

I used to be very hard on myself when I was younger if I felt I’d made a mistake or messed up in some way. However, I have also learned that mistakes and failures are what gives us our wisdom and shapes us to become better people, if we are prepared to learn from those experiences. These days I have greater self awareness than I did in the past, meaning I can control my inner dialogue more quickly if it’s not helping me.

That we never stop learning no matter what our age

Life is a complex learning experience from the minute we are born and it never ends! In recent years, I have learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned what strength I have and what’s important to me. I invest as much time as I can in self development and love listening to audio books by female entrepreneurs that inspire me. Life to me, is about learning from our experiences, the people around us and ourselves.

That being a parent is a tough, beautiful and evolving journey

I feel very blessed to have three wonderful children but being a parent is a tough job and I’m not sure it ever stops being that (ask my mum!). However, each struggle is also balanced with great reward and love. Seeing them grow into such interesting, bright young people is the greatest of them all. I’m not sure we ever stop worrying about our children, their happiness and wellbeing no matter what their age or ours. I’ve learned that their childhood goes by too quickly and the importance of doing as much as I can with them, while they are still young enough to want to!


The NOW is all we really have control over. The one small building block you lay down today, becomes part of the foundation for a greater tomorrow. We don’t really know what tomorrow brings, despite best laid plans, so there’s an importance in seizing the day instead. Don’t put things off unless there’s a really good reason to. It’s amazing how good it feels to actually just go for it and not let fear or apathy get in your way. Not every day will be a good one, but hold onto the ones that are and make them count.

We can only act on our present moment. The choices we make today, no matter how small, will have an impact on our tomorrow.


We cannot prepare ourselves ultimately for what our future might hold, but the idea of making conscious decisions now about what we want for our future, will often determine our life’s path. If we do nothing, nothing will happen. The future is not just for the young. The future is for everyone that still exists and breaths in this moment.

Create a positive future history for yourself by learning new skills today that will benefit you and that you can visualise yourself being better at in the future. Keep educating yourself and practice self development as relentlessly as you can with the time you have! Eat better, diversify your interests, mix with people who inspire you or if you don’t know any right now, then find them on YouTube! Your mindset today, is everything, if you want to make the best of the time you have on this planet.

Let go of fear, fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of the unknown. Act today, be present and make the most of the now, because your future self will thank you for it.




Nordgreen and I, are teaming up to bring you an amazing competition!  You could win one of Nordgreen’s beautiful watches of your choice valued up to £169! There is also a second prize voucher worth £70 or a third prize voucher worth £50. That’s three chances to win!

How to enter?

  1. Follow  @nordgreenoffical on Instagram and @keepingitfabulousblog
  2. Comment on this Instagram post (shown right) stating which watch you would like including strap choice (click links above for strap choices), with the hashtag #nordgreencomp and tag a friend Eg. @JohnSmith 

The competition will close on Monday 1st April at 11.59pm BST and the winners will be chosen at random from the users who commented on this post and follow both @nordgreenofficial and @keepingitfabulousblog. 

The winners will be announced on 2nd April and contacted via Instagram direct message. They will have 15 days to claim their prize.  The voucher will be sent via email or DM as a discount code to be applied on the website.

Entrants must be over 18 years old and cannot be currently employed at Nordgreen. 

This promotion is not sponsored, endorsed or administrated by, or associated with, Instagram or any other social media site. 

Good luck!

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